Daron Pope

Daron was almost convinced Jay knew what he was talking about during his quiz. Almost.

on May 29, 2012

Rosie and I were watching the episode together. So I giggled during the “tummy time starts at conception” claim. I didn’t want her to think I was questioning my own understanding of tummy time. However, Jay had so much confidence in his assertion that I found myself wondering if there was another angle to the tummy time story.

I thought I played it off cool and that Rosie didn’t notice my doubt. Unfortunately, Rosie knows me better than I know myself. She knew I was preoccupied with the tummy time claim the moment it came out of Jay’s mouth and that I planned on doing some research after the episode to see if I had missed something. So she decided to have a little fun at my expense:

Rosie: How about that tummy time response?

Me: I know. That was hysterical.

Rosie: Everyone knows that tummy time starts in the second trimester and not at conception! (Obviously, Rosie was joking…at my expense!)