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Daddy Issues

Rosie isn't exactly a big fan of Couvades Syndrome.

Couvades Syndrome?! Yep, it’s a real thing. Basically it’s when a man experiences pregnancy symptoms -- from nipple enlargement, sensitive breasts, weight gain, nausea, all the way through to feelings of pain during delivery. There are many fascinating theories about how this is not a new syndrome (so no, men aren't suddenly getting MORE in touch with their feelings in 2012) and that it is a positive thing, since men become more in touch with their partners in pregnancy and preparation to be a dad. After all, many men say that as because they aren't pregnant, they really don't find themselves mentally and emotionally preparing for the baby until it is actually here, whereas a woman has nine months of changes to get used to the idea.

This is all very well and good conjecture, but I have to be honest (if I may), I find the whole syndrome incredibly annoying! I know annoying is a bizarre way to describe it, but let me explain; pregnancy can be tough enough as it is without your partner suddenly requiring some sympathy. It is supposed to be a time when the woman is taken care of, when the man runs out to buy her ice-cream at 2 in the morning, rubs her feet when they are swollen, and is by her bedside to support her during delivery, not being fanned in the emergency room because he collapsed under the stress of his own phantom contractions!

That's right, if my husband required medical attention while I was in labor because of some contractions, I might clock him around the head with the nearest piece of medical equipment I could find! Look, if you experience or know someone experiencing Couvade's Syndrome, I am sure they can't help it, but that doesn't mean I am any less annoyed by the whole thing. Maybe I should do a show called Pregnant, a Man, and Possibly in Heels. But then again that might just be a show with me clocking men around the heads with medical equipment to knock some sense into them while helping ladies through pregnancy!

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