Rosie Pope

Rosie shares her views on ghosts.

on Jul 10, 2012

When I arrived at Joanne and Damon's house and they told me they thought their nursery was haunted, I almost lost it! Now, do I believe in ghosts? Complex question. It is not so much that I don't believe in them, I am just not so sure that if they exist they take on the physical form that our ghost busters were intimating. I mean, do I think they are going to communicate with us through a dictaphone? No. Do I think after people die there could be some kind of energy or presence left behind? Yes. But quite frankly it didn't matter what my personal beliefs are, what mattered is that Joanne and Damon believed there was a ghost in that nursery. And while they believed that, they were refusing to get the nursery prepared for their baby and bring the baby home.

Sometimes in my line of work you have to address fears for the good of the baby even when they are irrational, and this was one of those times. I have to admit sitting there in the dark trying to communicate with a ghost (sorry, I meant spiritual entity) was kind of, well, actually pretty freaky and not something I'd like to do again. And given that I was extremely pregnant, I wanted to get out of there and fast! It also got me wondering whether during pregnancy we are more or less sensitive to these types of things and our environment, but in fact I think it is just part of being a mom in general. We are immediately hard wired to sense danger and be on guard, ready to save the day at any possible moment.

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