Chanel Omari

Chanel breaks down the lessons she learned from Rabbi Cohen.

on Jul 21, 2013


"Be Inspired by who you are. Remember, you are a Princess, so act like one" 

Rabbi Cohen has taught me a very valuable lesson with his very wise advice. Being a real princess is all about detaching yourself from the materilistic world and what society expects from us. It's about being humble, believing in ourselves no matter who tries to drag us down, and bettering oursleves as people every day. It's about being kind to others. It's about starting with being inspired by who you are first, and I was forgetting that all along. We all are faced with trials and tribulations, but we need to be able to pick oursleves back up when we fall down, no matter how tough it gets.

Being a princess isn't just about all the glitz and glam, but it's about the charity, good deeds, how in touch we are with ourselves, and how we can help others who aren't as privilaged as us. Being a princess is about staying true to who you are and never forgetting where you come from no matter what race, nationality, subculture, financial status, physicality, religion, sexuality, or background you are. It's about being proud of who you are and being inspired by the person you are and/or want to become. And remember: we all have the potential to be the person we want to be. It's so easy to get down on yourself and give up on yourself when we feel we are at a stan still or when we feel lost and not supported or feel pressured. But we must not let that get the best of us. After my spirtual meeting with the rabbi, I was able to put a lot more in to perspective when it came to my sister's wedding and the pressures I face with making my family proud and not dissapointing them. It made me realize that I also put the pressure subconciously on myself, and that my family only wants the best for me and are proud of me no matter what. 

It also made me realize that I don't need someone else, especially a man to define me. We are all special the way we are. I am so blessed to have a rabbi and confidant such as Rabbi Cohen. He's right: when I do find the right one, he will hopefully add to my greatness. Rabbi Cohen really taught me that being a princess isn't about feeling self-entitled -- it's about making a difference in the world. He made me realize it's important to take a step back when things get difficult and someone attacks you whether it being phsyically or emotionally and to not engage in negative drama. He taught me how to grow up from being a "girl" to a "woman."