Chanel Omari

Chanel explains what happened with the "blurred woman" at Amanda's party.

on Jul 15, 2013

Hello my beautiful Bravo readers,

It's been a while! There is a lot to catch you all up on and some clarifying to do. As you know there are always three sides to a story, and here is mine!

I would like to say that I was going through a very difficult time in my life during this episode: my younger sister was getting married, my parents were putting the pressure on me to find someone when I wasn't ready to, especially after my break-up, and to top it all off, my dear grandmother who was such a big part of me, passed away. It wasn’t an easy time in my life, especially living it in the public eye for everyone to see and judge.

I want to be clear that I was and still am very happy for my baby sister and her marriage. I know she found the right one for her, and that's all that matters. Of course there are mixed emotions when it comes to your younger sister getting married. I know I shouldn't rush to be married at my age, but I definitely do get the pressure because it's a Jewish tradition.

I have realized that I don't want to get married until I know myself fully and become the best person I can be because that's the only way I can attract the right one, and I know he's out there.

For the record, I didn't mind trying on the wedding dress because I wanted my sister to enjoy and have fun with this wedding experience, so I did it for her, not for myself. I tried to make the best of the situation, which I always do in life.

I know my mom means well, and she is really the best mother in the world. She only wants the best for me, so she tends to pressure me to find the right guy and start a family because she truly feels I will find true happiness that way, like she did. I just know I am career-driven and want to make something out of myself, and I don't want to settle just yet. I want to find a partner, an equal, and a real man who will be by my side for a long time -- as Missy Elliott says it best: not a "one minute man"! Ha!

I have to say I am sad I didn't end up joining the girls for speed dating because I am sure I would have had a blast with everyone. I love meeting new people, and it seemed fun. Maybe I could have scored a hot date to AB's event and not get caught up in all the drama!