Erica Gimbel

Erica Gimbel didn't realize how much Casey was affected by her in high school.

on Jun 7, 2013

Watching this episode I also realize how uncomfortable the Shabbat dinner was and how belittled Casey telling me to not talk made me feel. It truly upset me and definitely brought out a side of me I did not like to see. I believe if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. At the end of the day, we all make mistakes. I am only human and 29 years old. I haven’t figured it all out. I am trying to live a life I am proud of everyday. I may stumble and fall, but it is about how you pick yourself back up after you have fallen that truly matters. Life is fragile, and we must live the best lives we can. I believe we must love those around us whole-heartedly and never take anything or anyone for granted. 

This has been a very sad week for me as my dear grandmother, Audrey, passed away. I have always admired my grandmother and thought the world of her. I would like to mention her name and honor her life today and always. She will be missed greatly. It is truly heartbreaking to know you are never going to see someone who means so much to you again. I loved her very much and always will. May she always rest in peace.