Erica Gimbel

Erica explains why she couldn't wait for Chanel on the boat and says what she really thinks about Casey.

on Aug 9, 2013

I am really glad looking back that Chanel stayed back to make sure Ashlee was okay. She has always been in the middle and for that I feel terribe. She is a pacifist and just wants everyone to get along. I am grateful for her and that she is such an amazing friend and beautiful person inside and out. As much as I wanted to help her I hope it is understood that my father and his boat crew were already waiting two hours for us and I had to choose between staying and going to meet my dad.

All I ever wanted was for everyone to get along to move past the issues that were continuously stirring up. I would like to take the time to make this very clear. I tried my very best to do this. I apologized when I was wrong and have tried to do right by everyone.

Casey, I apologized numerous time to you and did my best to make things right. I understand you are loyal to those you care about and are as you say an amazing friend. I included you to come on the boat trip and instead of saying you appreciated the gesture or thank you. . .you made it clear how much you hate to be on a boat with me. It was just over and over again upsetting after we settled things between you and I just felt it was really necessary to blog mean and judgmental things about me.