InterWHATion Gone Wrong

Erica: "I'm Far From Perfect"

Chanel's Ch-Ch-Changes

Ashlee: "I Have Lupus"

Amanda's Fairytale Ending

Casey: "Thank You!"

Joey: Apology Smology?

Ashlee's Breaking Point

Chanel: Not Taking Sides

Amanda's Matzahf---er of a Vacation

Erica: Don't Mention "The Elephant"

Casey: Staying Away from "Mean Girls"

Chanel's Sister's "Wedding of the Century"

Joey, on Ashlee's "Mom" Comment

Proud of Chanel!

Joey's 90-Day Plan

Amanda: Come On, Ashlee

Casey: Hangin' with Ashlee's Family

Casey's Best Friend's (Sister's) Wedding

Chanel: "Being a Princess is..."

Ashlee: Let's NOT Talk About Sex, Baby

Ashlee: Taking the High Road

Joey: I am NOT a Bad Person

Erica: A Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

Chanel: "I Am Not Perfect"

Joey's Put-Downs Get Old

Joey: Show Me 30!

Erica: Peace, Love, and Happiness

Casey: Being There for Chanel

Drink Hanky Nation

Casey: Loyal is Royal to Me

Ashlee: Friends and Fabulous Footwear

The History of Kissamint

Erica: Wrong Time and Place

Chanel: A Broken Heart, But Not for Long!

Ashlee: Embrace Your Age!

Erica: Mind You Own Business -- I Love My Rob!

Casey: You've Got a Friend in Me

Amanda: "Erica was Inconsiderate to Rob"

Joey: When Singles Camp Hands You Lemons...

Chanel: It's My Shabbat and I'll Cry If I Want to!

InterWHATion Gone Wrong

Chanel reflects on her difficult talk with Erica.

A couple of words to describe this episode off the tip of my tongue: "hilarious," "Jewish comedy for sure," "heartfelt," and "confusing." 

I have to say my fav part of this episode was when Amanda took me out and got my inner "Coco" out! I love to dance when I am sad. I don't like to dwell on my misery and always like to find a way to amuse myself, so I can keep positive and move forward because life is all about moving forward. 

I was so embarrassed by that lap dance and realized it was an intense and intimate moment, which was inappropriate behavior I portrayed, and I apologize for that if I have offended anyone, especially my family and closest friends. 

It really hurt me when Erica didn't show up because I really needed to be assured all my girls were there for me, just like I always make sure to be there for them. I saw Erica's partying and drinking was causing her not to feel well and make excuses to me, which was really hard for me to accept, and I wanted to help her get back on track. Sometimes, we need the ones we love to yank us back into reality. I just want what's best for Erica and for our friendship, and I can't continue a close one with her If she will continue to hurt me and not show up to important things close to my heart. It makes me confused as to what to do. I am such a carefree loving person that I don't want to confront her or even get down on her about it, but I am too good of a friend to pretend everything is OK when it's not, and sometimes part of being a princess is helping your friends even if they don't think they need your help! 

Casey was very brave and bold for coming. That's why she is so inspiring. It takes a big person like her and a true mensch to entertain this. She did it for the best of Erica and the potential well-being of their friendship and others. Erica knows we all love and care for her and just want the best for her, but she also needs to know the truth and how her actions have hurt people. None of us are perfect, but we all need to work on ourselves. All I did was try and be there for her, and I tried to say it to her without sounding offensive, so it might have sounded like gibberish, but she knew what we were talking about, and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with when it came to dealing with friendships! I hope things get better, and I pray every day for all my friends to have good health, success, and happiness.

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