Joey Lauren

Joey offers her perspective on why she and Ashlee don't get along.

on Jul 17, 2013

Wow. That was a tough episode to watch. Actually, the last two episodes were hard to watch. It’s hard enough when you’re going through something like that in real time, but to have to relive it, then watch the additional discussions had about you?! Not easy! But I am not about to let someone tell me or people that I am friends with that I am a bad person.

So let’s be fair here: I certainly could have behaved differently at the restaurant, and I’m not very pleased that I resorted to my classic sarcasm in that particular situation, especially given the company I was with. It was pretty obvious to me that Ashlee didn’t care for me, and I should have been more careful with my words. That said, “Funny?  Funny looking!” is one of the oldest jokes out there! As I said that at the bar, an image of my uncle -- the king of corny jokes! --  popped into my head. When I was little, all we ever heard from him was corny joke after corny joke! “Hey there pretty, pretty ugly!” or “Moron? How about more off!” and of course, “You’re funny?  Funny looking!” He had us rolling with his play on words cornball jokes! And everyone knew them -- and still does! Well, all but for Ashlee I guess.  

You may not like someone and you may not want to be friends with them, but that doesn’t make them a bad person. Yes, I can see why Ashlee may be pissed that I said I was mortified when she was calling her dad on the phone when she was talking to Clark Kent in the Hamptons. Yes, I can understand she didn’t think my questions at speed dating were appropriate or funny. Yes, I can understand that she didn’t like that I didn’t roll over and run away when she told me to at the Drink Hanky party. And yes, I can even accept her not being fond of me because of where I live! But do any of these things make me a bad person? NO. Not at all! And Ashlee couldn’t even admit that they did either! Which I think is why she got so pissed off when we were having drinks because she was in the wrong for calling me a bad person and furthermore for telling Erica and Amanda not to talk to me.  

There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than someone trying to take away your integrity.  When someone (like an Ashlee) makes claims of your character that are so far off, it’s beyond hurtful. Furthermore, to see her discuss with her parents and Casey that she knew she hurt me and didn’t care -- that takes mean girl to a whole different level. Quite frankly, it’s lazy and socially irresponsible!  

We can all be hurtful in times of frustration, pain, anger, sadness, PMS -- the list goes on. But most people will show an ounce of remorse or regret. However, if someone honestly enjoys being hurtful to someone, something is wrong with that person’s moral compass. And furthermore, unless you are the Pope, the Supreme Court, Judge Judy, Mamma Dukes, or Chanel’s rabbi (that’s a joke!), you’ve no right to tell anyone they are a bad person.