After 'Sunset'

Reza and his father' emotional reunion evoked waterworks from's Senior Editor.

Apr 8, 2012

Reza's cousins seem to embrace him, whispering things into his ear as he hugs them. My relatives do this to but since I don't speak fluent Farsi I always just assume they're asking me why I don't have babies yet. Even Reza's dad gives him a big hug, but Reza is a little standoffish. Finally, Reza asks to speak to his father outside and they have it out about everything. Reza's father admits that his mother is to blame for his abandonment of his family. And while his grandmother isn't the stereotypical doting type, his father made decisions. I know it's hard to resist an old Persian lady, but it's possible. His father made the decision to convert to Islam and then turned his back on Reza. I'm happy to see Reza take it all in stride, though, and want to move forward with his father. His grandmother? Maybe some day.  

I'd love to end this on a light note, so I just want to point out two small moments that had me smiling. One, is obviously Reza hollering at twinks on the streets of NYC. Unacceptable, Reza! You're going to cause an accident! Equally as amusing was Asa declaring at Girls' Night surrounded by garlic-y goodness that if a man doesn't like some garlic on your breath, he's no good. Well, that just left a bad taste in my mouth, and I love garlic!

Can you believe next week is the season finale already?