After 'Sunset'

Knives! Colonics! Asa! What more could one ask for in an episode?

Mar 30, 2012
Sammy is on his grind, though, continuing to oversee Mohamed's housing development while he's away on vacation. We get a closer look at the place, which we realize really is the house featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We'd recognize that pool anywhere. Mohamed comes back, and thankfully, despite a bizarre disdain for being called "anal," Mohammed was happy. On a total sidetone: am I the only one who thinks MJ and Sammy are going to end up together? I literally have no reason for that prediction, but would love to know if anyone agrees with me. Anyway, more Sammy please! Here's a fun Bravotvcom exclusive with Sammy and Asa, who both love food, so obviously they're my kind of people.
Asa is back in the studio -- but not Mister Bunny's. And this guy sets her straight on the appeal of her songs -- he basically says they won't appeal to mainstream audiences. I don't know. Listen to this. We're all diggin' it here at Bravo HQ. And we'll kind of just yell out "Asa!" in the office like that song that plays whenever she's in the car.