The Persian Version

Asa discusses her style, her music career, and GG's anger issues.

Apr 6, 2012 Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired “Gold”?
Asa: "GOLD" was the very first song I ever made. Bunny and I wrote it about three years ago and never released it. The story of how it all started is really cool. So I was working on this photo project with a good friend of mine, amazing photographer Gitte Melgaard, and we took this super dope photo of me in a gold bathing suit sitting on my gold low rider bike next to my house in Venice and holding an AK47. I loved this photo and felt that was the only one photo in history has summed me up was this one. So, I showed Bunny the photo and said to him "Wha choo no bout gold?!" and we both looked at each other and it clicked. The next day we went in the studio for like 18 hours and recorded "GOLD." And the rest in history. The season finale is next week. Can you give us any hints about what's to come? Will you and GG make peace?
Asa: Oh the season finale is going to be EPIC! You will have to watch and see what happens!

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