The Persian Version

Reza shares the emotions behind the Shabbat dinner and his reconciliation with his dad.

Apr 6, 2012

But my advice is, absolutely. No matter what you think you're doing, actions that others take in your family, profound actions, like the s--t that went down in my family, they affect you later on in life. No matter how good you sweep it under the rug, that s--t is still under that rug. It looks like we kind of, in the finale, we see a little bit of that going on with MJ and her mom. Can you give us a preview of what their conversation is like?
Reza: Obviously I don't want to spoil anything for the audience, and I want MJ to be able tell it from her perspective, but the difference is MJ doesn't cry. She's got thicker skin and her rug is like a heavy pile shag. When she sweeps things under it, you really forget that they're there. My rug is like a thin tapestry. When you sweep too much under it, you can feel it when you're walking on it. Hers is so thick and she does a good job with almost pretending like it doesn't even exist. So for her to get to that place, I was really proud of her.

But the problem is, she is really good at masking it over and her mom is really great at deflecting, so I don't necessarily know or want to tell you what the outcome was, but I'm just really proud of my girl for getting to the place that she was able to acknowledge that "Wait a minute, there's stuff here that needs to be said."

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