Asa Soltan Rahmati

Asa refuses to allow MJ or GG's behavior to go unnoticed.

on Feb 17, 2013

Let me start by saying it was awesome having Andy in LA with us!

I loved the whole intro clip about Lily. Reza saying he wants to skin her and wear her as an overcoat cracks me up every time!!! The heyvoon-bazi clip made me think about how much fun we had in Cabo!

Denial is the very first response of addicts. MJ will face her addiction problems when she is ready. Clearly, she is not there yet. I really hope she can find the courage to face this very difficult problem.

When you're 40 years old and it's completely normal to you that you were passed out drunk all night in the hall way in the hotel in Cabo, It has reached a point where you need to deal with it. You can lie to others, but lying to yourself is a dangerous game.

Mike had good intentions, but I was disappointed at him for not telling the truth about her regularly taking pills to sedate herself as we have often talked about amongst ourselves. I can't enable her anymore.