Cast Blog: #SHAHS

I Can't Enable MJ

Asa refuses to allow MJ or GG's behavior to go unnoticed.

Let me start by saying it was awesome having Andy in LA with us!

I loved the whole intro clip about Lily. Reza saying he wants to skin her and wear her as an overcoat cracks me up every time!!! The heyvoon-bazi clip made me think about how much fun we had in Cabo!

Denial is the very first response of addicts. MJ will face her addiction problems when she is ready. Clearly, she is not there yet. I really hope she can find the courage to face this very difficult problem.

When you're 40 years old and it's completely normal to you that you were passed out drunk all night in the hall way in the hotel in Cabo, It has reached a point where you need to deal with it. You can lie to others, but lying to yourself is a dangerous game.

Mike had good intentions, but I was disappointed at him for not telling the truth about her regularly taking pills to sedate herself as we have often talked about amongst ourselves. I can't enable her anymore.

Persians, like many other cultures, are super duper close to their parents. It's like we are one unit and our parents are and will always be all up in our lives. And I wouldn't want it any other way! I have two degrees from UCLA, and that's not enough for my Mom. I've been financially independent from my parents since I was in my early twenties. I think for my Mom it is just a matter of "understanding" my lifestyle as far as an artist and entrepreneur. I work very hard and have worked very hard to be where I am at. My Mom is super old school and would rather have me have a steady/risk free job where I clock in and clock out. But I am an artist and choose to make money and support my lifestyle with my investments and projects as an artist and an entrepreneur. I believe in taking great risks to achieve great things. I will follow my dreams no matter what. In the end my Mom wants my happiness and me following my dreams is what ultimately will make her happy. It is important for my parents to be proud of me and I love my Mom more than anything in the world. But I decide how I live my life, as long as I support myself.

Golnesa's behavior is getting really old. She is extremely rude and disrespectful. She has been the same since the very first day I met her. She has shown NO growth since then neither has she shown any genuine interest in growth IN HER ACTIONS. She is always looking for an excuse to act crazy and aggressive. You can't keep talking about change for two years. Change is about action towards change. She is proud of her violent ways as it's clear in her words, actions, and otherwise (Twitter, etc.) that she glorifies aggression and violence.

We all have things we are working on and nobody is perfect. But we MUST WANT to evolve. Stop spreading negativity and take responsibility for her actions. Golnesa is a bully. She is verbally and physically abusive. I have zero tolerance for bullies. I know people she went to high school with whom she bullied so hard they stopped going to school because it was unbearable for them.

Golnesa herself always laughs while saying how she got kicked out of over 10 schools for fighting. I know numerous people she pulled a knife on and put her hands on. Sadly, she seems to think this makes her a "bad ass."

Bullying and this type of violent behavior is a serious problem in our society. People who are less confident become suicidal because of bullies.

I put up with her for two years while being a good friend who was compassionate towards her while she was verbally abusive, which now it has escalated to also being physical abusive. Enough is enough. I wish her the very best on the road to healing. I just don't want to be anywhere near her aggressive and violent behavior.

Remember this is real life for us. While some behavior might be "entertaining" for the viewers on TV, they would feel VERY differently about it if it was happening in their actual life.

Well, that's it for now.
Talk to you Lovers next week!

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Asifa: GG Brought This Up for Attention

Asifa Mirza questions why GG would mention the Mike drama at Adam's brithday. Did you and GG FaceTime each other from different rooms often?
Asifa Mirza: That is the only way to communicate with her, since she can't hear that well. But no, I did not live there long enough to FaceTime her often. What was going through your mind when GG dropped the bomb about Mike?
AM: Why would she drop this bomb/accusation at someone else's birthday party? Better yet, why is she brining something so "traumatic" up one year later? At this point I don't know what to believe -- does this girl want attention or is she really telling the truth one year later? Any normal person who experienced what Golnesa is alleging would not spare a minute in bringing this to someone's attention and or talk to Mike about how inappropriate he was behaving. The only level-headed reason for Golnesa to bring this up in the manner and time she did was for attention. After 10 years of knowing her, I have come to learn that she loves attention and will do anything to force/divert the light on her. It's Adam's birthday, we should be focusing and celebrating him, not discussing some bulls---. If true, this should have been addressed immediately after it happened, not a year later when she finds out Mike is proposing or at a birthday party...this is outright wrong, tactless, and will negatively affect people. Innocent people suffer at the cost of B.S. If by some magical reason she is speaking the truth, then at this point (one year later) keep it to yourself and your non-mutual close friends. The statute of limitations for this issue expired a while back… Now let's celebrate Adam's birthday and Mike's engagement! Was it awkward sitting through the rest of the party?
AM: Yes, very. I am not interested in knowing this information and seeing people get hurt. At this point, I wish I didn't know.

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