Cast Blog: #SHAHS

MJ's Supposed to Be My Friend

Recap: The Shahs Peace Summit

Recap: Recipe for Disaster

Asa's Profound and Cathartic Trip

Recap: Reza Pops The Big One

The Return of Lochnesa

Mike: I Will Marry Jessica Soon

Reza Dishes on His Engagement

Recap: Make a Run for the Border

Mike Shouldn't be "Scared" of Other Religions

Recap: Turkey with a Side of Apology

Mike's Inner Struggle

Lilly's Disrespectful Behavior

Mike Takes GG's Side

Recap: Outed by Chihuahuas

Reza: "Lilly Doesn't Understand Friendship"

Lilly's Battle with Foot Boogers

Recap: Always a Lady

Recap: A Little Too Much Diamond Water...

The Shah of Bull Sh--

Reza: "I Wish I Had Kept My Mouth Shut"

Ep 8: Persian Empire Divided

Will Mike Put a Ring on It?

Reza Learns the Power of Apology

Recap: Shah-etiquette

MJ Owes GG a Genuine Apology

What MJ Did was Wrong

Loch-Nesa vs. MJ

Asa's Juice Disaster

Recap: Persian Pride?

MJ's Moral Compass is Way Off

An Offer Lilly Can't Refuse?

Recap: Homo-Not-So-Genius

Mike's Disappointment with Reza

Asa: "I Definitely See Why Reza is Irritated"

Reza on the Fight: "I'm Not Proud of It"

Lilly Needs to "Get More Real"

Reza to Lilly: "Get Off Your High Horse"

Cry Me a River

Mike: Master Negotiator

Lilly: Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

MJ's Supposed to Be My Friend

Asa is shocked by MJ's comments about her, attitude, and her fight with Reza.

Wow, MJ, really? You say I "KEEP on talking about his big nose"?!?  I said I appreciate his beautiful big nose ONCE. And meant it. I know it's hard for you, or anybody else with a nose job to believe, but I meant it. This whole nose witch hunt is becoming comical.

I love Mike talking sense into MJ.

Haha Every time GG retells what happened, she lies and these playbacks proving GGs lies each time are priceless! LOL. Like when she is trying to say I got in her face and then you see how it actually happened and how she got in my face.

This "BBQ". . .Um, is it me or is this the mean people bully convention?!? Who says such disgusting things about their friend while nobody (except Mike) checks them?

Not only does GG have no remorse whatsoever, but she also has no gage of what's right and wrong and is totally proud of her behavior.

Thank God Mike was there to speak the voice of reason. He is literally the only light in that room. MJ just sits there while GG calls me disgusting names. She just sits there not saying a word. This is supposedly my friend. It's very difficuly to watch this stuff.

It was kool seeing Lilly in action at the photo shoot. Do your thangi thang Jooni Jooon.

OMG My Diamond Water meeting was krayzee. I loved Shawn's facial expression when I said the water will be infused with real diamonds! I could not believe it when he said there IS a way of mass producing my Diamond Water.

Wow. This scene with GG and her sister is very hard to watch. I don't know what kind of therapist she is seeing but it's clearly not working. Who talks to their pregnant sister like that? Everything her sister is saying is the plain truth.

It looks to me that GG's life is unravelling. She wants to cut her pregnant sister's face with a knife? And their Dad just sits there? Wow. This scene is very alarming on so many levels. This girl needs to mak serious changes in her life. She completely lacks respect. It's very obvious that nothing in her life has had any type consequences. Her Dad needs to stop enabling her psychotic brat behavior. It's gross.

The dinner with Reza, Lilly, and MJ was pretty funny. LOL. I went to the bathroom and came back and basically watched a ping pong battle between Lilly and MJ.

While I understand that MJ is curious about who Lilly is, it was totally tactless to roll into a dinner Lilly invited all of us to and IMMEDIATELY went in to critiqing her.

There was definitely tension coming from MJ towards Lilly. MJ feels like she is Reza's wife and other female friends are his mistresses? Did she just call Reza a philandering husband? Calling us romps? LOL that cracks me up. Please girl. Slow your roll.

I love sitting on the front porch at my parents' house hanging out with my Baba Joon drinking tea, eating watermelon, and paying backgammon! All we do it talk smack when we play, I love it, and it's literally like therapy for me. I feel so sad when I think about how much my Mom works. I want to make their life more comfortable. This is the most important thing to me.

All this other BS is so trivial especially when I have real life stuff going on. I know what I need to do and am very clear about my priorities.

Why would I waste anymore of my precious energy on nonsense BS when I need to focus all my energy to work hard and manifest the life that I want for me and my family.

The fight between Reza and MJ at the office is real tuff. I understand what Reza is saying about MJ not being as driven as he is. But everybody has a different drive and passion. I know 100 percent that Reza means well and wants the best for MJ but it seems that he is fed up with making excuses for her.

They have a lot of history together and I'm sure they will work it out

Asa's Profound and Cathartic Trip

Asa opens up about her expereince at the Iranian border.

Thank God that I'm a captain's daughter and grew up on boats and hovercrafts and do not need anything inserted to not get sick, LOL! Reza and Golnesa are cracking me up here. Hahaha!

Yachting all day on the same waters my wonderful father sailed in his youth. Such a wonderful day hanging out with my friends. Away from the B.S. and in this beautiful place enjoying each other’s love and company. Princess Island was so relaxing and charming. Every restaurant was a seafood restaurant, and I was in heaven! When I saw the tears in Merc's eyes, I could feel that she was ready to “go there.” I am so proud of her rawness about what she wants and her needs. After all, how can we achieve something we can't even visualize or speak of? I am here for her for strength, love, and support through thick and thin. She will be a wonderful mom!

By the great power of Destiny and Will, Reza, my Mom, and I were able to find a way to make a personal pilgrimage to the border of Iran, where all of us and our ancestors were born. It was such a long, intensive, and at times dangerous journey there, but this was nothing compared to the 30 years we have been waiting to go back home.Without getting too political, I wanted to explain to those who might not fully understand our inability to safely go to Iran. The fact alone that I am a political refugee is not the only reason. While I'm a very proud Iranian and feel a great responsibility to shed light on all the wonderful things about my culture, I also feel socially obligated to be honest about the things terribly wrong with the government of Iran. Iran sadly is a tyranny and deals with political dissidents (that's anyone with an opinion) as criminals. It jails, tortures, and executes its own citizens for simple expressing a political opinion. Think about all the individuals, comedians, talk show hosts, or journalists expressing various opinions here in the US about the president or government... In the US it's called freedom of speech. Well, this freedom does not exist in Iran. The number of “political” prisoners and executions of the latter is staggering. So, somebody whose art deals even mildly with such things and is considered “Islamic Feminist” going to Iran safely is pretty much out of the question.

Back to our beautiful pilgrimage to the center of my heart. Throughout the whole day, my Mom, Reza, and I were like silent warriors. We were all dealing with our own personal emotions throughout the journey while also in the collective experience. On the flight and the bus ride, it was sheer excitement. Then on the last leg of the journey in the Kurdish car, we all lost it. Listening to our favorite old Persian song on our iPhone and nearing the Iranian border, tears of joy and sadness starting falling endlessly.

It was so incredible for me to have my Mom, who sacrificed everything in her youth to make a brighter future for me and my brother, with me. I could feel her pain and joy and see it in her eyes. Reza and I really bonded on a primal level, and I will never forget these moments we shared together. I felt that we were making this pilgrimage for all immigrants, all refugees, all displaced people in the world.Then as I got out of the car and smelled the familiar air, a feeling of complete joy and euphoria came over me. I was not sad anymore. Nor was I missing it the way I used to. I surrendered all those heavy feelings right there on that earth. As I said, when you embrace the big monster, it melts away.

We all have landmark events in our lives. This was one of mine. Going to the border of Iran with my Mom and Reza was one of the most profound and cathartic experiences of my life. I am forever grateful and enormously blessed to have been able to have this experience. And I’m thrilled that I was able to share it with you all.