Asa Soltan Rahmati

Asa is shocked by MJ's comments about her, attitude, and her fight with Reza.

on Dec 16, 2012

It looks to me that GG's life is unravelling. She wants to cut her pregnant sister's face with a knife? And their Dad just sits there? Wow. This scene is very alarming on so many levels. This girl needs to mak serious changes in her life. She completely lacks respect. It's very obvious that nothing in her life has had any type consequences. Her Dad needs to stop enabling her psychotic brat behavior. It's gross.

The dinner with Reza, Lilly, and MJ was pretty funny. LOL. I went to the bathroom and came back and basically watched a ping pong battle between Lilly and MJ.

While I understand that MJ is curious about who Lilly is, it was totally tactless to roll into a dinner Lilly invited all of us to and IMMEDIATELY went in to critiqing her.