Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

GG is happy she was uninvited to Mexico and is proud of her business savvy.

on Jan 17, 2013

Hey Shahs lovers, sorry for not blogging last week. I was a bit too pissed off from being excluded from the trip to Mexico by my so called "friends" that I didn't want to only write about being disappointed and sad.

OK so here we go. . .

This was a very exciting episode for me because I had the launch of my company GG's Extensions!!! But I can't lie to y'all because I was a nervous wreck trying to put this event together. I spent lots of time organizing this event and making sure every last detail was set. So you can only understand how frustrated I was when I arrived to the venue City Club, and no one was there. I hired everybody to be there hours before my arrival so they can start setting up. I'm definitely freaking out now and I have no idea if this event would be done in enough time!

Meanwhile back in Mexico, the group is having issues because, (well let's face it) Ass-a is a shit starter and now that I'm not there they need another victim to prey on and that's MJ. I've gotta say I'm super relieved watching that drama go down in Mexico because it just goes to prove that I'm not the "only" person that's involved with the drama. . .as some were saying. These people clearly have a lack of understanding as to what a friendship is. They're saying that MJ has an issue with popping pills, but it's brought up and spoken of like it's an attack on her. Just the same as when they sit there and drink with me, but then say that I have a drinking problem. If you guys claim to be our friends, then don't you think a different approach might be more successful? Clearly MJ does not have a problem popping pills. Almost everyone I know takes a little something to take the edge off of flying. Oh well, I wasn't there so it's not my battle to fight.