Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi

GG wishes Mike would have cut her off. Also, some choice words for Asa.

on Dec 21, 2012

Off to the club scene for Reza... Now I can completely understand going out, getting drunk, and getting frisky with some hot guy... but hold up... I have never done that with a guy that I just met!!! Whatever it is that Omid and I did at the first dinner leads back to our eight years of history together being on and off, and WE ARE NOW ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!! [Sorry I had to throw that in there]. But Reza, you said all sorts of mean things about my behavior with Omid, yet you've got all sorts of PDA with a stranger. I ain't mad at you, but don't talk shit about me then go do the same thing. 

Does anyone see a pattern yet of people saying one thing but doing something else??? Stick around... I ain't done yet!!!

My boyyyyyyy Tehran has a get-together amongst the crew, and I'm still too pissed at The Beast (Asa) to want to attend. So naturally I send my (newly-found) fiance Omid there instead.

Let's back it up a few hours. I thought it was so cute watching Lilly and her sister together. I must say OMG her sister is beautiful!!! I enjoy watching the bond they share with each other, especially because I don't have that with my sister. But aren't y'all just going to a bar/lounge or is it a red carpet event? You guys both look gorgeous all dressed regardless!!

Back to the bar/lounge... I know MJ very well, and I truly believe that when she made the comment to Lilly about the dress she was wearing, she was not undermining that she looked glamorous in it; I think she was saying that perhaps her sister's dress would've suited her better for the occasion. I wasn't there, so I don't know, but it's one of those comments that can come off both bad or good. But Lilly takes no time to go in for the kill!!! Insulting each other seems to be the subject of this episode because no one cares how their words are coming off. I clearly remember Season 1 the Las Vegas trip when I arrived to dinner and everyone was treating me like s---, and now, they're doing it to MJ. This is like some high school mean girls s---! It's reasons like this that I used to fight so much growing up. People talk so much s--- behind your back, but act funny style in your face. I'm glad MJ decided to leave that bulls--- situation. I was extremely happy to see Sammy sticking up for MJ. But wait... do you guys remember what Reza's response was to Sammy about why he's being so mean to MJ??? He said his friend (MJ) came into a party and immediately pulled the daggers out and insulted his new friend (Lilly) when she barely even knows her! I'm sorry, but isn't that exactly what The Beast (Asa) did to my man Omid when she first met him at dinner??? So Reza justifies talking s--- about his bff and making her feel so horrible that she has to escape the party, he says he was pissed with her behavior. But when I tried to explain why I was pissed at the comments about Omid, everybody dismissed it.