Cast Blog: #SHAHS

The Party Misfit

Lilly discuess why she doesn't pour alcohol down her throat and how MJ looks great for her age.

Round two of Mexico! The dinner was so tense, so it’s nice to unwind in the hot tub. While we unwind, Sammy and MJ party it up at the club. Sammy and MJ are the perfect duo, and it looks like they had a great time.

The next day, Mike took us all out on his uncle’s yacht. And, by yacht, I mean super yacht!!! I had the most incredible time. We swam in the ocean, we soaked up the sun, and we had a beautiful lunch on the balcony of the boat. I couldn’t of had a more perfect day. Now this is my idea of fun. No fighting, no drunken disrespectful comments, just fun in the sun!

My bikini and Asa’s bikini are both from my swim-line, Have Faith Swimgerie ( I’m rocking the Sailor Barbie bikini (which is sold out, but will be available in March), and Asa is rocking our very sexy Seductive Black Brazilian Bikini. I personally think Asa’s ass looks incredible in the bikini. I love curves on a woman, and I love a women that’s confident enough to flaunt them!!

Later that night, the Shahs decide to hit up the hottest nightclub in town, and when I say it was hot, I mean it literally. I’m sure you guys have noticed by now, I’m just not a partying kind of girl. I don’t let guys pour alcohol down my throat straight from the bottle, I don’t pop pills, I don’t make out with strangers, so an environment like a nightclub is just not for me. MJ is definitely the queen of this prom; rule your sweaty throne, honey! I’m off to bed.

After the club, while I’m sleeping the gang goes through MJ’s bag as Reza is still very concerned that MJ may have a substance abuse problem with prescription pills. They don’t get to the bottom of any alleged problem, but they do get to the bottom of her age, MJ is 40! Girl, you look great for 40, own it.

We have one last breakfast on the balcony overlooking the ocean before we head back to LA. It is the most beautiful, glorious day. Even though I may have been a misfit during the partying portion of the trip, I had an incredible time and I am very thankful for this experience and all the blessings in my life.

Back in LA, GG was busy throwing a launch party for her line. It looks to me like it was a real success. I personally know how stressful it is to throw an event, especially for something that has your name on it, so I applaud her for pulling it off. It is also refreshing to see she has decided to change her life and begin working, girl power!

That’s all for this week, see you all next week!

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MJ: Vida Wiped the Floor with Us

MJ opens up about Pablo's death and the epic ping pong game with her mother.

The day that Pablo's little heart gave out was one of the most shocking and sad things for me to accept. I always imagined that I would have to be heavily sedated the day this happened, inconsolable and mad. But that's not what happened. Although I was in shock, I just kept walking on Santa Monica Boulevard, taking the long way home with him in my arms wrapped in a blanket. I stared at him, and just tried to take in the last moments possible. I wanted to feel the weight of his little body in my arms and say goodbye to his sweet little face. This little man of mine is gone. I worried about Julio and how this would impact him. Julio has never known life without his big brother. I worried about how the news would impact my mom and dad. I was terrified to tell them that it happened. I came home and called Pablo's veterinarian. They gave me the three options: burial, cremation, and taxidermy. I called the taxidermist and followed their instructions. He had to be frozen until the taxidermist could receive him. I realize that most people would have dropped him off and had him cremated, but that process is not something I was prepared to do.

Vida was the regional ping pong champion of her time, and apparently very much a champion to this day. Vida's skills have not weakened over the years. She wiped the floor with our asses. Golnesa and I could not keep up with her! Two against one would seem unfair, and Golnesa and I are pretty athletically well rounded -- we ski, we play lots of sports pretty well. Nonetheless, our minds were blown by Vida, and I am proud that she was so dang good! She definitely beat us in that sport, but luckily I inherited my parents’ good genes and am glad to know that she has something to do with the other sports that I excel in.

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