Nadine Rajabi

Nadine thinks there might be some hope for the twosome.

on Dec 21, 2012

Can we talk about GG for a second? OMG. When Mike went over to talk to her about what happened at the pool party, homegirl could not get her story straight! I had to watch the scene three times to follow her lies and her circles. Is it that she truly doesn’t remember the story she’s created in her head, or is it that she doesn’t remember reality? It’s like she is living on another planet and recreates her own reality. My favorite line that GG spewed was, “Who said I hit her?” That was said right after telling Mike Asa hit her! As a social experiment, I feel like GG needs to lock herself in a room, re-watch every scene she’s ever shot on the show and figure out what’s real versus what she’s created in her head. That is if she can stand five minutes without getting in a fistfight with herself. Thinking about it makes me want to take a bath with my hairdryer, topped off with a space heater for dessert. 

What do you think we’d find if we were to open our little Pinocchio’s head up? Gold hoops, fake nails, and daddy issues? 

Next up, I HAVE to talk about Asa’s man. I know this wasn’t a big story point, but it’s kind of a HUGE deal. Um, she’s dating a Jackson. And it’s not a new thing! I understand it’s Jermaine Jackson, Jr. or as he prefers: Jermaine Jackson II, but regardless, he’s still a Jackson. I don’t know how much money Jr. has, but do you think some of her money comes from him? I know it’s not her mother’s nurse’s salary. 

Anyway, seeing Asa with Jermaine was sweet. We got to see a softer side of Asa that we’ve never seen before. She’s always the loud, dominant one, but she was shockingly sooo submissive with Jermaine. Almost like a little Geisha girl. For God’s sake, she called him “Daddy!” And not just once! We all know he’s the daddy of one thing and one thing only… and it’s not vegan dish that Asa just cooked. 

OK, enough about Asa and “Daddy” for now. Let’s talk about what really shocked me this episode. No, I’m not talking about Reza’s armpit fetish, rather what happened between Reza and MJ at Tehran’s gathering. First off, I know I always defend MJ in my blogs, but she really needs to get a grip. The first thing she said to Lilly was that she should have worn her sister’s dress. Who does that??? A 39-year-old-MJ clearly does. Ha! But Lilly gave MJ a dose by calling MJ’s dress an 8th grade dress, and rightfully so. You know, Lilly was on to something. I wore a dress similar to my 8th grade graduation, except mine had rhinestones to divert the attention away from my unibrow.