Nadine Rajabi

Nadine thinks there might be some hope for the twosome.

on Dec 21, 2012

Moving forward, I couldn’t believe that Reza toasted all of his friends… except for MJ. I mean he literally rattled off every name in the book minus his bestie. At the rate he was toasting, I’m shocked he didn’t pull out his iPhone contact list and start toasting them too. What made matters worse (or better depending how you look at it) was the fact that Reza admitted to being a prick. In my opinion, just because you admit to being an a$$, doesn’t make it okay. Reza should go find more armpits to sniff to cool off. I certainly don’t agree with MJ’s attitude because she’s out of control, but Reza is adding fuel to this already heated Persian fire.

Want to know my favorite part about the whole night? It was Sammy’s cameo as Judge Judy. Who could possibly take him seriously wearing that ridiculous fedora?!  You know, he was on to something, but I just can’t respect the dude after last season’s last episode. He proved to be the king of the tool shed. 

What gave me a little solace was hearing Reza say he still loved MJ. We all know he does, but they just need to have a sitdown come to Jesus Mohammad conversation. I personally am sick of our little Persian Empire imploding. Not one person is getting along with the group as a whole except for Mike. As for GG—I’d love to see how she’s going to pull herself out of this mess. She may not, but at least she has Omid and his real nose to comfort her. And last, before I leave… how the hell will Asa pay her mortgage next month now that her giant Fashion Week gig fell through? Daddy Jackson? The famous Gold Coins? She’s screwed. She better think about returning those Cartier glasses we saw at the pool party!

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Happy Holidays, everyone! 

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