Nadine Rajabi

Nadine reflects on all the love and progress in the season finale.

on Feb 10, 2013

So. . .Asa calls GG and her apology “wack,” to which GG responds with her signature crazy eyes and oddball behavior, chanting “wha-wha-wha-wack!!!” Sister’s clearly not doing herself any favors. She came there to turn over a new leaf and at first sign of conflict resorts back to her same old ways. Maybe she should give Asa’s love energy-infused diamond water a try. I’ve heard it’s a surefire cure for wack.

Asa responds to GG’s scene by saying, “It sounds complicated.”

Translation: @AsaSoltan likes to speak in social network vocab. It’s the new SAT. #bigwords

After Asa decided to leave the table, Mike tried to school GG on how to apologize to people. Easy for him to say. He’s got backup. #Goldendoodool

Long story short, the whole dinner was a waste of time and everyone still hates GG. Basically, the whole night was wack!

Moving along, we see MJ and Vida putting their therapy exercises to the test with a girls’ day out shopping! Vida did great, and gave some sound advice to MJ, “Wear chiffon!” That should really be the answer to every Persian girl’s problems. Feeling heavy? Wear chiffon! Bad day at work? Wear Chiffon! Have an evil mother? Wear Chiffon! Translation: What Windex is to Greek people, Chiffon is to Persians.