Nadine Rajabi

Nadine imagines a day on Ambien and address the many major points of Part 1 of the Reunion

on Feb 17, 2013

The Sun Sets On The Shahs. Chapter One

Black Amex cards, virginity, Playgirl, drinking problems, wine bottles, pills, Doodool Talah, Blood Diamonds, bare-knuckle boxing matches, and fake boobs -- all in a day’s work for the Shahs. Part 1 of the reunion was pretty dramatic, to say the least. I can’t wait to see what Part 2 brings. You know they always save the crazy for later! WE BE IN BIG TROUBS, y’all!

Here are my top 10 favorite moments from Part 1 of the Shahs of Sunset Reunion:

1. Lilly is entitled to use Ali’s Black Amex card
Lilly said she lost her virginity to Ali, which gives her the right to use his black Amex card. Not much to say about that except -- Lilly, we've talked about this before, in the butt counts. Are you sure Ali was your first?

While on the topic of Lilly and possessions, I loved that Lilly brought proof of documentation of how much she made in the month of January and her cars' bill of sales and lease papers. I'm sorry. I thought we were at a reunion, not an audit?!? We get it, Lilly. You didn't come from the welfare line. But while we're on the subject, since you have so many cars, would you mind loaning me one?

And I have a question, what’s with so many cars and living in a condo? I get that it’s city living, but if she can afford several cars over $100,000 each -- you’d think she’d own a house. Maybe Lilly keeps her condo for Coconut so she doesn’t double axel, triple toe loop herself into a bad dizzy spell in a big house.