Nadine Rajabi

Comedian Nadine Rajabi reflects on Asa's buried gold coins and Lilly's dog Coconut.

on Dec 3, 2012


I just finished watching the season premiere of Shahs of Sunset, and they didn't waste anytime getting to the drama! This season there's a new girl in town and ton of flash with more gold, more of Reza's 'stache, and wait for it. . .more of GG's anger issues.

Let's dive in. The episode starts off with Reza visiting our favorite gypsy jetsetter, Asa. Asa has moved back into the house she owns as an income property. Asa tells us she thinks her and Reza are weird versions of each other, as evidenced by how over excited he gets seeing her $4,000 toilet.

Shockingly, Asa tells Reza that she only has $500 to her name, and that she needs to rent the house out fast so she can afford to pay her bills. Thankfully she tells Reza (and the rest of the Bravo viewers) her big secret, she has $30,000 worth of gold coins buried beneath her front porch in case she gets stuck. Some people use banks, while Asa finds solace in using concrete. She's so progressive.

Next we see MJ and her mom, Vida, transporting her mom's bird (or, as she would call it, her "Juju") to MJ's uncle's house. Vida reveals that that she's going on a Mediterranean cruise, just as Pablo reveals that he's not a fan of Juju. Somebody needs to tell these women that her Juju is under 40 lbs and needs a child seat.