Nadine Rajabi

Comedian Nadine Rajabi reflects on Asa's buried gold coins and Lilly's dog Coconut.

on Dec 3, 2012

Meanwhile GG goes to her sister Leila's house, where we meet Omid, a dude that GG claims to have "history" with. Leila and GG have a heated discussion in the kitchen about GG's lack of involvement in their hair extension company. Leila thinks GG needs to step it up and put her "big girl panties" on, while GG claims she doesn't even know how to work. She thinks Leila should be more empathetic. After all, it is her first job. . .at 30. Apparently, GG thinks 30 is the new 15. #firstworldproblems

The episode continues with Reza and Mike at the carwash. Mike shows off his 5-series Beemer that still has dealer plates. According to Mike -- the minute you put real plates on a car you can't claim it’s new anymore. He's right. That's why I haven't taken the wrapper off my computer yet. It still has that new blog smell. Anyway, Mike tells Reza that he's upset about showing 60 properties just to make $10 grand.
We learn, it's hard out there for a pimp. . .in the valley.

As the day progresses, MJ and her mom arrive at aunt Ziba's house. They sit down to what starts off as a nice family lunch. Vida tells the group that she's going to Europe for six months, which is a little longer than she led on while in the car with MJ earlier. MJ takes a stab at her mom by toasting her departure and then asks her mom if she's going to give her a birthday present before she leaves. Vida replies that her present is leaving. I wonder if MJ is more upset about her mom leaving or the fact she might have to check on Juju while she's gone. MJ reminds us how critical her mom is of her, and then Vida tells the table how she hates everyone. Things fire up when MJ gives another toast to all the moms that don't judge their children and Vida accuses her of drinking too much. MJ starts crying and her mom lovingly replies that all she does is drink wine and cry. I would too if I were MJ. I'd drink the whole minibar. Then Vida storms out, but tells us in interview that she shows her love for MJ by stalking her. Or -- as she puts it -- she drives to her house every time she hears of a white Mercedes in an accident to make sure it wasn't MJ. She's a little like DeNiro in Meet the Parents.