Asa: "I Definitely See Why Reza is Irritated"

Asa dishes on her art and the tense confrontation between Reza and Sasha.

Merc and her Mom golfing is hilar. I loved seeing Vida praise Merc for her golf swing! Hihi!

Inviting my parents to Unix where we bottle Diamond Water was such a special day for me. I got to show them how I made my dream into reality. I have worked so hard on this and waited till I was almost done to share it with them. And I was SO beyond happy to share it with them.

ART ART ART. I love it. I live it. I need it. Art saved my life. Creating Art has always been my way of dealing with the struggles in my life. It's how I process sadness and pain. My video installation Nieztsche, Rumi, Eazy-E is going to be sooo kool. I cannot wait to share with you, Lovers.

This scene at Reza and Adam's house is so tense. Adam is sweet and being friendly, but I definitely see why Reza is irritated -- just because Sasha happens to be Persian and gay doesn't mean they're going to be best friends. And clearly he is majorly triggering all of Reza's sensitive points.

Pfew! This night at the Middle Eastern gay club is intense. Watching this I can tell Reza is going through a lot of stuff and definitely facing major demons. It's never easy or pretty to be in that place.

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