Cast Blog: #SHAHS

Asa: I Don't Care About Naysayers

Recap: The Shahs Peace Summit

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Lilly Needs to "Get More Real"

Reza to Lilly: "Get Off Your High Horse"

Cry Me a River

Mike: Master Negotiator

Lilly: Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

Asa: I Don't Care About Naysayers

Asa defends her methods.

Hey, lovers!

Sooo this club scene. MJ is my girl but it was wrong to expose Golnesa like that in front of Shawn. I get it -- the whole two-day break thing is silly, but regardless of that, friends don't do that. She should have pulled Golnesa aside privately and dealt with that, if anything.  

It really makes me happy seeing Reza and Merc be so close again. It's good to see them have have fun together, even though they are two mischevious Leos. Ha!

I'm disappointed that Lilly is unable to take responsibility for her own action and own it, instead of blaming us for how she acted. She said what she wanted to MJ at Aventine (and vise versa) -- how is that anybody else's fault but hers?

As far as friendships goes: we all have been friends for many years, and most of us grew up together. Sure, it's not the easiest thing to be the new person, but one thing is for sure... the way to not be part of a group of friends is to think you're perfect and only criticize them. I welcomed her with open arms from the beginning, and if she asked me for advice I would tell her to be less judgmental and put more effort into her relationships. Friendship is a two-way street.

Ahhh The Olympic Collection, where the carpet indeed does smell like ghormeh sabzi. Ha! Mike's brother's graduation party was a standard Persian party get-down. We come, we throwdown, we dance, and we go home. What did you Loves think of my look??  

MJ and Golnesa's beef is a bit funny to me, and I dont really take it seriously. They enjoy bickering one moment, then being best friends the next. They must enjoy it.

Diamond Water: intention and vision are necessary forces when working to make your dreams come true/starting a business that is near and dear to your heart. One of my dreams is to make the most incredible water available for the world to drink.  

I don't care what naysayers and non-believers say or think about my ways and rituals. I have never been a follower, and side chatter/negativity will never stop me. I'm always going to do as I believe 100%, every time, whether it's popular or not. I believe in intention. I believe in love. I believe in energy. I believe that we can manifest our destiny and make our dreams come true by believing in ourselves, working hard, and never giving up. Don't believe me -- just watch. #Priestess