Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly dishes on her shoe situation and the conversation with Asa about Iran.

on Jan 21

Cleaning out my closet with Manoosh is basically just giving everything away because all of my stuff sucks and is full of foot boogers (according to her anyway). First off, I didn’t even know foot boogers existed; secondly, I can’t believe I have the WORST case of foot boogers she has ever seen. Great, LOL.
I know you guys didn’t get to see inside Manoosh’s “charity” bag, but it was full of red bottoms that had been worn once, maybe twice. Insane!
Listen Manoosh, my shoes may have “foot boogers” but that’s because I actually wear them, a lot, before I get rid of them. Sheesh. I have started carrying wet wipes around, and I wipe my feet at the office before I put my shoes back on under my desk. I think it’s helping my foot booger situation LOL.
For those of you that don’t know, Asa is an incredible cook. I know, add it to the list of things she’s amazing at… I on the other hand, am not so great of a cook, in fact, I pretty much stink. Asa invites me to her house to give me a personal, Persian cooking lesson. I’m excited and scared at the same time!
Everything was going great until she asked me to massage the raw chicken meat. There was something about looking at, and touching raw meat that really disturbed me. I’m not sure what it was, but it was a very uneasy feeling for me, I almost felt wrong for massaging the animal’s raw flesh. Yet I eat meat, so I’m not really justified to feel that way.