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Lilly's Battle with Foot Boogers

Lilly dishes on her shoe situation and the conversation with Asa about Iran.

Hi Everyone,
Sorry to turn in my blog so late in the week, I have been battling a horrible case of the flu the past few days. Our health really is so, so precious, we should be thankful for every day that we are healthy and alive.
On to the episode! And, oh what an episode it was, by far one of my favorites as of yet.
The yoga scene with Asa and Reza -- OMG poor Reza, LOL. I applaud him for finishing the class. It looked like he was about to fall over and faint, but he kept going. I have to admit, it looked more difficult than the training session he and I did with my trainer last season. The best part is how easy Asa made it look. I’m glad the yoga instructor said the things she said, and I’m happy to see Reza taking them to heart.
I do think Reza is being too hard on Mike. Mike is a good friend to Reza, he was merely defending the underdog and sticking up for what he believed was right. That doesn’t make him a bad friend to Reza, he never put Reza down or did anything to diminish him while he was defending Sasha. Time to forgive Mike, Reza.Cleaning out my closet with Manoosh is basically just giving everything away because all of my stuff sucks and is full of foot boogers (according to her anyway). First off, I didn’t even know foot boogers existed; secondly, I can’t believe I have the WORST case of foot boogers she has ever seen. Great, LOL.
I know you guys didn’t get to see inside Manoosh’s “charity” bag, but it was full of red bottoms that had been worn once, maybe twice. Insane!
Listen Manoosh, my shoes may have “foot boogers” but that’s because I actually wear them, a lot, before I get rid of them. Sheesh. I have started carrying wet wipes around, and I wipe my feet at the office before I put my shoes back on under my desk. I think it’s helping my foot booger situation LOL.
For those of you that don’t know, Asa is an incredible cook. I know, add it to the list of things she’s amazing at… I on the other hand, am not so great of a cook, in fact, I pretty much stink. Asa invites me to her house to give me a personal, Persian cooking lesson. I’m excited and scared at the same time!
Everything was going great until she asked me to massage the raw chicken meat. There was something about looking at, and touching raw meat that really disturbed me. I’m not sure what it was, but it was a very uneasy feeling for me, I almost felt wrong for massaging the animal’s raw flesh. Yet I eat meat, so I’m not really justified to feel that way. In this scene, you also see me tell Asa that she should have tried to go to Iran all these years. I don’t mean to undermine her refugee status at all, or diminish it. I am not a refugee, my father was not in the military, so I cannot relate or understand how she and her family must feel. I only know my country, Iran. Despite what people may think, it is not a horrible, deadly country.

Asa does not have blood on her hands, she has done no wrong, she was not in the military, and was merely a child when she fled Iran. I find it difficult to believe that she would be imprisoned or punished in any sort of way if she attempted to return to Iran.

As someone that has traveled back and forth to Iran many, many times in her life, with people that held military positions themselves during Shah’s time, I simply do not agree. Almost 35 years have passed since the Iranian revolution. Hundreds of thousands of people fled the country as refugees, Iran is not sitting and waiting for them to return so they can imprison them all and punish them.
It is my opinion that many people like Asa have been too scared to return to a country they love so much simply out of their own fear. But, really it is just fear, an urban legend almost, and the reality is their country would have welcomed them home. 
For Asa’s sake, I am glad she never tried, as I said, I do not know the particulars of her and her family’s situation, and I would never want anything bad to happen to her, but Iran is my country too, and I am entitled to my opinion.This episode ends with the horse races and all I can say about that is, Mike, next time let the woman have her buttery, chocolate croissant!

Until next episode everyone, stay away from anyone that has the flu!
Lilly Ghalichi


GG: I Wish Things Were Different

GG explains why she finally had to confront Mike about Turkey. How was Asifa's cooking?
GG: They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his belly... well Asifa won't be qualifying in that aspect. I've never tasted eggs so bland. The scrambled eggs looked like they got a beat down by an angry crack head and they tasted even worse. Hopefully Asifa is good in bed and can keep her man for those skills instead of her "cooking" skills. Why do you think you weren't interested in dating at that time?
GG: I've been in back to back relationships since I was 15 years old. I have sort of lost my ability to love a man, and I simply get into relationships knowing I'll break up with them soon enough. I was hurt very badly once, and I've become pretty numb to love ever since. I simply want to take a moment and be single and reflect on myself and what it truly is that I hope to get out of a relationship. Learning to trust again is not easy. Especially when so many men cheat! Why did you decide to confront Mike finally at Shervin's party?
GG: Many people don't understand the dynamic between me and Mike, and they never will unfortunately. After the incident in Turkey, things became very awkward between us, perhaps because of his guilty conscience, and he would always talk to me in an angry way. I had warned him many times to stop talking to me like that, but it only got worse. Mike was being extremely disrespectful and condescending toward me; so much so that everyone else noticed it too. After giving Mike a million failed chances to be nicer towards me, I couldn't respect him anymore. I was holding onto a secret that I knew could damage him, but I did it out of respect for our 20 years of friendship. But how does anyone hold onto loyalty for someone that is walking all over them? I wish things could be different. But he never made the effort. His guilt led him to be so mean to me and enough was enough. I had to drop the bomb.

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