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Mike's Disappointment with Reza

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Mike's Disappointment with Reza

Mike shares his thoughts on Reza's behavior at the gay club.

This was a very emotional episode to watch! What should have been a fun night with my loved ones turned into a war. Reza has some demons that he needs to deal with. He's so quick to dish it out, but not able to take it! He was super aggressive with Sasha from jump street. "Muslim extremist," "very gay," "fob (fresh off the boat)"...why all the hostility? Sasha called Reza fat and was crucified. Hasn't Reza said that his main objective for being a part of the show is to make it OK for other gay men to be able to be out and proud? I guess he should have attached a disclaimer that they have to be up to his standards of what that looks and acts like!

As much as I love Reza and always will, I was very disappointed at how he handled the situation at the club! These two brothers left Iran so they wouldn't have to deal with that ridicule. I couldn't back up my boy Reza, he was in the wrong. I am no saint, but I know how I feel about bullies -- I wanted nothing to do with him. #live&letlive

Best regards,

Mike Shouhed