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MJ's Moral Compass is Way Off

Mike disagrees with MJ and Reza's perspective on the fight with Sasha.

Being a part of the Gay Pride Parade was epic! To be able to overcome my homophobia and stand proud on a float with cross dressers in front of 400,000 people was an experience that will never be forgotten.

The people that deserved to be there were with me, and the ones that felt like being a bully and hurting others were left behind. MJ needs a checkup from the neck up! Her moral compass is way off.

Asa, GG, Lilly, Jessica, and I had an amazing day! We shared a bond that brought us even closer. I love MJ and Reza, that will never change. I try to see all situations from both sides, and no matter how much I tried, Reza and MJ's perspective was not something I agree with.
Although Reza and I are having issues, I would NEVER let anyone talk about my boy when he is not there to defend himself. That's why I had to shut it down when Sasha showed up at the end of the parade voicing his side of the argument. I stay loyal to friends through thick and thin, but will never let anyone get away with doing something that goes against my moral beliefs. Although my love runs deep and my loyalty is character won't allow me to sacrifice itself to prove either one!

Best regards,

Mike Shouhed

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Reza on Canceling the Wedding

Reza Farahan opens up about why cancelling the wedding was a heartbreaking necessity. How difficult was the therapy session with Adam?

Reza Farahan: The therapy session with Adam was very difficult, but at the time I felt like it was the right thing to do. What was truly unbearable was watching it on TV. Seeing his expressions and recalling the pain and disappointment he was going through broke my heart. I have so much more love and respect for him for allowing me to go through that very difficult and necessary journey. We are definitely closer and stronger because of it. Was it hard telling everyone that the wedding was off?

RF: It was very difficult telling everyone that I had canceled the wedding, especially the crew. I felt like I was letting them down and I felt a duty because they had taken ytime off to go to Thailand with us. Why did Adam not want to go on the trip to Thailand?

RF: Adam didn't want to be in Thailand during a trip that was supposed to include a wedding that had been canceled. I'm actually still not allowed to talk about that trip in front of him because it is too painful!


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