Nadine Rajabi

Looks like Reza and Mike should never have mixed business and friendship.

on Dec 19, 2013

Reza and Sasha were both born in the same country both have struggled in their own way. Reza felt shame being an Iranian gay male that was half Muslim/half Jewish living in Beverly Hills. While Sasha had to deal with war sirens and being gay in a country that doesn’t let you wear tank tops or shorts. Having visited Iran, I can vouch as a female I wasn’t able to leave the house without my head covered. I was there in the thick of summer wearing a headscarf and a trench coat…it’s not fun. It makes you appreciate your freedom. I was born in the U.S. and never even realized how I took my freedom for granted until having such an experience. And that’s something so little, imagine what Sasha went through…

I’m happy that Reza apologized and Sasha accepted it. Sasha went as far as telling Reza that he had balls to apologize…big ones. I wonder if Reza’s balls have a matching mustache? Too far? Let’s see if the two can move on and develop a friendship from here.

Now let’s talk about Mike and his need to get Jessica an obnoxiously expensive wedding ring. I appreciate Mike wanting to get Jessica a really nice ring, but he should get her one because he wants to do it for her…NOT as a representation of himself. Mike thinks it means power, wealth, and it goes beyond the wedding. As he said, because he’s marrying a non-Persian girl, he wants to slap everyone with it as a sign of look what I did. I love Mike, but while he’s at it, he should have added that he wants to pee on her. Geez! She’s not property.

His brother’s had a good point in saying that Mike is marrying an American girl and they don’t care about all those things. Mike, I’ll say this: Forget about the image and remember why you’re getting Jessica a ring in the first place. It’s just a symbol of love, not ego. Listen, I wouldn’t turn down a fat rock, but I wouldn’t want a rock if it meant I had to live in a shoebox apartment eating Ramen noodles.

Mike thinks if Reza had followed through on his promises, he’d be able to afford the ring he wanted. Um, I don’t see Reza driving a fancy car or living in the Taj Mahal. I think they were both not living in reality when they decided to be business partners.

Which brings me to Mike’s friend’s poker party. Highlight of that party…Sammy’s fedora! We haven’t seen that thing pop up all season. I was taking bets as to when we’d see his bald head and we finally did…well, his covered bald head. Sammy, do me a favor, if you’re on next season, please get a new fedora. Tweet me your address, I’ll collect from all of us viewers and buy you a new one.