Nadine Rajabi

Ep 11: Were MJ's dogs as stressed as everyone else by the tense Leila/GG situation.

on Jan 21

Next let’s talk about Asa’s art show. My first question is how many Asas does it take to put on an art show?

I’d love to know how she found her “other” selves… Did she put out a Craigslist ad to find her Asa-bees? When she was auditioning the Asa-bees, did she have them all do a sitting still test? So many questions! 

Thankfully she didn’t have an Asa for her bird flu mask era, because only she can rock that.

We know from past episodes that Asa said there are three chapters in her life: Rumi -- where her heart was developed; Nietzsche -- where her mind was developed; And Eazy E -- where her body was developed. I wonder if she’s aware how Eazy E died? Just wondering…