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Reza: Being the Bigger Persian

Reza posits that Lilly could have easily allowed MJ to come to her birthday paty.

I have to start this blog with a big shout out to my Persian-Jewish-Esfahani dad. He bought me many cars when I was younger and the experience was very similar to Mike and my outing to the Porsche dealership. I didn't end up buying a Porsche. I bought a brand new convertible E350 Mercedes-Benz that I'm very happy with. Here is all I have to say about my business partnership with Mike. I told him that whatever new business we had moving forward would be split 50/50. Mike is a great friend and I love him like a brother, but for him to think that I'd give him 15 years worth of my business was foolish. Not to mention, I never said I was sharing my past clients, only new ones that we brought in once we partnered up. 

Last year was a very difficult year for me and my relationship with MJ was one of the main reasons. I didn't know if or when we'd speak again. The irony was that I ended up contacting her because of Lilly, which turned out to be the first step towards a potential reconciliation. I was truly shocked with Lilly's reply, when MJ texted her. That wasn't very Persian of her. Lilly did have a sit-down dinner, but doesn't she know that Persians are known for their warmth and hospitality when it comes to entertaining? I would have given up my own seat for any of my friends, and after attending the party, I can tell you that it would have been very easy to add a chair to any of the tables. 

I think Lilly is a decent person, but she was arguing her case as if we were in court. It's a technicality and she used it to keep MJ out. The place she is in with the group is a direct result of decisions she made. She could have been the bigger person and included MJ in the festivities. As for the party itself, I felt more like an audience member than a guest. It was as if Lilly had put on a show, and we were her audience, not her friends. It was a beautiful party and everything looked good, but nothing felt right. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed the first episode. Thank you for all of your amazing tweets and all of the support. I look forward to sharing the rest of the season with you. Until next time!