Asa: I Was Channeling Adam's Pain

Asa Soltan Rahmati reveals why she confronted Reza Farahan about his relationship. What was your favorite part of the Thailand trip?
Asa Soltan Rahmati: My favorite part of the Thailand trip was eating all the delicious food and going swimming in the ocean. My favorite mode in life is wearing a small bikini and a kaftan on a tropical beach. Going to the temple with my crew was incredible. We all had things to process and heal, and it's always so special to do that with your loved ones. Why did you decide to confront Reza about his relationship with Adam?
ASR: I just couldn't pretend anymore that everything was great. I just couldn't anymore. I was so very sad about Adam; that this was his and Reza's wedding trip, and now it wasn't anymore. I was literally also channeling Adam's pain at home and Reza's deeper feelings he was not allowing to surface. I became a mirror for Reza to reflect on his deeper feelings and possibly process them or at least be able to express them. Both Reza and I were very, very sad and missed Adam. When I feel close to people, I can feel their pain like it's mine. How were you feeling when it was time to head back home?
ASR: I feel like the trip was super cathartic. We all processed some deeper emotions that had to be dealt with and came back home with a fresh perspective, all of us. Each in our own way, we healed a deeper pain. So it ended up being an important part of our journey individually but especially as a group of friends.

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