Asa: Mike and GG's Sister Have a Past

Asa Soltan Rahmati reacts to the rumor about Mike and MJ's shadiness. Do you think MJ heard what you were saying about being shady?
Asa Soltan Rahmati: Unfortunately MJ still couldn't hear me... It's not easy talking to her. It did sadden me that she had to get confirmation from both Reza and GG that she was shady, and even then she refused to give in. How do you want your friends to "communicate" their problems to you if you are unwilling to be open? What are your mom’s favorite ‘90s musicians?
ASR: My Mom is a ‘90s LA thug, literally! Her absolute favorite is Esnoop-dogg (in Zinat voice), and obviously if she is quoting Boys to Deh Men (in Zinat voice), she must like them too. What went through your mind when GG accused Mike of sleeping with her sister?
ASR: We all know that Mike and GG's sister have a past... I didn't know they still saw each other.

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