Asa: MJ Is Always Dismissive Towards Me

Asa explains her complicated relationship with MJ. Why did you decide to finally confront MJ at the leggings store?
Asa Soltan Rahmati: As soon as we walked into the leggings store, MJ started dissing Asifa and also, as usual, throwing shade at me. I reached my boiling point with MJ being so rude and mean to pretty girls that come into our group. She does this every time. I'm a real girl's girl and I'm not down with women tearing other women down because of their own insecurities. That's what that was about, it wasn’t only because she was throwing her usual shade my way. How were you feeling about Mike after your lunch with him?
ASR: Mike was pretty checked out the whole lunch, and our connection was fading more and more unfortunately. I was happy that I had face-to-face time with him to discuss the matter in person. Were you surprised MJ apologized to you?
ASR: Our friendship is not in a good place. MJ is always very dismissive towards me and throws low blows and shade whenever she can. Everybody who is close to her knows this and feels it at different times. Well, actually, only her girlfriends see this side of MJ. MJ is very different towards her guy friends than she is with her girlfriends. She'll literally treat me like sh-- one night and then reach out to me the next morning (acting like nothing happened) when she feels lonely or vulnerable, and of course I am there for her. So it confuses me. This is why I wasn't jumping for joy when she apologized. Words are cheap. Let your actions speak.

I'm not used to abusive relationships, and that's what my friendship with MJ is like. I think maybe to her this type of relationship is normal -- to be loved and abused by the same person. I need our friendship to be in a more honest, loyal, and real place than it is.

As far dodge ball, I'm from a family who plays a lot of board games and sports, and everybody in my family talks smack and is very competitive. To us, talking smack and cracking up is half the fun of playing team games. It's all for the fun of it. For MJ to single me out (even though we were all playing rough and screaming) and say that this is because I was tense (or whatever she was saying) is hilarious to me. This is yet another funny situation she manages to paint in a negative, shady light.

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