Asa on MJ's "Insensitive" Comments

Asa Soltan Rahmati weighs in on the bachelor party drama. What was going through your mind during the argument between Bobby, Bobby, and Asifa?
Asa Soltan Rahmati: I do not have any type of tolerance for racism, bigotry, or any form of putting others down while throwing out racial comments. Were you surprised MJ wanted to have a rival bachelor party?
ASR: Even for MJ that was a new low. Why make this joyous occasion of our two best friends uniting in marriage into a negative experience of exclusion and rivalry? But the thing that I was disgusted with the most was her treatment and absolute insensitivity to Adam at the table... This is a man who is about to get married to the man he loves, why would MJ say, "There will be sex in the champagne room," in front of Adam and everybody else. That was very insensitive and tacky. How much stuff did your parents bring when they moved in with you?
ASR: OMG! My parents brought a huge SUV car full of stuff, but none of it was even theirs! It was all the cats' things. I never knew Barfy and Goldie had so many possessions, LOL! That's when I realized that these were going to be a looong few weeks.

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