Reza: I Believed GG

Reza Farahan shares his thoughts on the rumor about Mike and MJ's new man. At the time did you believe what GG was saying about Mike?
Reza Farahan: I believed GG when she told me the story about Mike trying to hook up with her for many reasons. First, Mike is always horny. Second, Mike was all over GG at the club the night before the incident. Lastly, I know Mike really well! This is definitely in the realm of possibilities for him. I think that in the board meeting that is Mike's life, his dool is the CEO and always has the last word! What did you think of MJ's new boyfriend?
RF: Honestly, I don't want to speak ill of him, but he is not the caliber of guy that MJ should be dating. Plus, he's really unattractive, and I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but damn, unless your eyesight is off, homeboy is ugly. I mean ugly ugly. Did Adam enjoy his birthday celebration?
RF: Adam had an amazing 30th birthday. He's such a wonderful partner, and he deserves the best. I was very pleased with the way things turned out, and the best part was the custom "sea glass" cake. If you know anything about my guy, you know that he's obsessed with sea glass, so I'm glad I was able to find a pastry chef with vision to make that amazing cake.

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