Don't-Shah Wish You Partied Like The Shahs? Relive Their Wildest Moments!

Watch the Shahs' funniest, wildest (and most drunken) moments through the years.

The only thing the Shahs love more than gold is a good party. And when the drinks start flowing, this crew gets down, dirty, and wild. Enjoy some of the craziest Shahs of Sunset moments to date.

1.  MJ in Need of A Cold Shower


At Reza's birthday bash in Vegas, our girl Mercedes "MJ" Javid had a tad too much to drink. To sober her up, Reza threw her in a cold shower... It didn't really work.

2.  Cabo: 1, Mike: 0

"Mike Shouhed posessed by patron" -Reza 

3.  Reza's Bachelor Party

But wait! It gets SO much better...

4.  Reza and MJ truly have a special friendship

It would probably be easier for MJ to run without those heels on.

5.  Skinny dipping is a vacation must

Cake by the ocean!

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