Jaclyn Smith

What are Jaclyn Smith's parting words for Paulo?

on Aug 12, 20080

What hairstyle is age appropriate for a kid 6-10 years old?

Definitely a cut and style that shows their beautiful faces and is easy to maintain at this age. I'm sure their parents don't want to take them to the beauty salon once a week!

What is not appropriate?

Losing the innocence of this age.

Did you like the haircuts?

I loved the one that was reminiscent of mine!

What is an easy way to change your child's hair without cutting it?

A pony tail or braids are always a fun and easy fix.

How should one tell a stylist that they are not happy with their haircut?

Always be honest and upfront and choose a stylist that you can communicate with.

What's the best way to choose a color?

Go to Kim Vo!

Which hair cut was your favorite and why?

Charlie's was excellent. I especially loved the color. I was also a fan of Daniel's. I think he gave her a very elegant and refined look and was a definite improvement in the cut.

Do you have any final words for Paulo?

I loved his kind heart. He wore his heart on his sleeve and I could relate to his emotion. He really knew how to slice into the hair, which gave it a very modern sexy look.

Mike Schneider
Mike Schneider

Looking for the name and telephone number of one of the top modeling photographers in the LA area. Do you know the name of the photographer used on Shear Genius a few seasons ago?