Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith's finale predictions.

on Aug 14, 20080

Did Nicole win for immunity surprise you?

I was always a fan of Nicole. I thought she would make it far, which I was thrilled to see.

Did any of the stylists stand out?

I really liked Dee and Charlie. They both incorporated the spirit of their season. I would have liked to have seen more free flowing hair in the snow. For Daniel, the rain did not enhance his hair style.

Did you agree with the eliminaton?

It's always hard to see a very talented stylist go when perhaps it was just the luck of the draw. Perhaps if he had gotten another season, he would not have been eliminated. The season, the model's hair, and the water all worked against him in this challenge.

Any predictions for the finale?

It's going to be a tough race because each of them are very confident to have made it this far. When you're confident, you are more relaxed and able to let your talent and technique really shine. I think they all feel great to have made it this far. That in itself is winning.