Jonathan Antin

Find out why Jonathan thinks a different stylist should have gone home instead of Joey.

on Feb 10, 2010 First, you were the judge for the Shortcut Challenge. The stylists had to take punk rock girls and give them glamorous looks. What do you think was their biggest challenge?
I think the most difficult part, right off the bat, was that they were left with (especially the ones in the end who didn't have any options). In my opinion, Amy was left with the most difficult model in the challenge because of the nature of her hair. I think that was obvious on the show. One of the most difficult things about being a hairstylist is that whenever you get someone who is locked in to the world of music or a cult following of music, and usually someone in that punk rock category is, you're not just dealing with hair. You're dealing with a lifestyle. So right off the bat, although the models were on the show, none of them wanted to change their look, none of them wanted to look normal. They just wanted to continue to look punk, but they also wanted to be on television. Right out of the gate you're already at a loss. Being an experienced hairstylist you know that they're not going to be happy with 99 out of 100 things that you're going to do, unless you give them a different punk rock hairstyle because punk rock is punk rock and that's it. It's like I said, it's a way of life. That's difficulty No. 1.

You've got that on your mind during the whole makeover part of it. Not the explanation or the aftermath, but rather the practical part of making them over... This would be the most difficult part of the challenge. I don’t think that anything would trump that. Working while you know that, and that when they finished, they knew that. As the clients look at their hair and there's that reveal moment, the stylists were kind of looking at them with one eye shut. They weren't thinking, "Oh my God, they're going to be so happy!"

If you looked at Amy's, she did that kind of edge. Matthew didn’t have much to deal with -- he did that kind of mohawk haircut. He really went more in the direction of color, which is really the only choice he had. And he added extensions, as did Amy. They both kept them under the rock n roll umbrella but gave them something somewhat classic and beautiful.

Janine had a major issue. Out of the gate, I was really looking for more from her. I went over her resume at the beginning of the competition and just reading who she had worked with and what she had done, I was really looking forward to something great. I don't know what she was thinking. I still, to this day, can't tell you what went wrong. It was so bad that it's out of the realm of critique. I can't even begin. I just did a segment on TV and I had three anchors compete in a haircutting contest. They were competing who could to the best haircut in one minute, and I was judging. These anchors did the same kind of haircut that Janine did. It was unfinished and it didn't look like a pro did it. I can sum it up by seeing she was so nervous that it took her right out of her professional stylist shoes and turned her into a civilian over a period of one hour. She just completely got lost and that's what nerves will do. It was that bad that I couldn't critique her, and I couldn't even hold her responsible. That one just doesn't even count! It's not like it's bad work; it's not even work.

Adee just with his bitching and complaining and talking up a storm about David Beckham, his techniques... I just knew right away that we're gonna have fun with this one. So what, you cut David Beckham's hair? My three-year-old son could have cut his model's hair the way he did, and my three-year-old could cut Beckham's hair the way it's cut. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to give someone a mohawk. Jon, on the other hand, I kind of knew he didn't like me but he kind of stuck to his own. He was very professional about everything. But to be honest with you I didn't like any of them. They all have their heads up their asses.  It's gonna be difficult for all of them. They're all going to dig their own graves. They're all gonna make it extremely difficult for each other and themselves. Although, Jon really was handling it in the best way possible. Like I said, he was sticking to himself and staying out of the drama.