Jonathan Antin

Find out why Jonathan disagreed with the other judges on Brig's win.

on Apr 13, 2010 Do you think that Matthew's hair was so big that it overshadowed the fashion?

I honestly don't, because whether or not that episode was about the fashion show and you were supposed to stay with the clothing, if I'm on this show I'm on this show to show people that I'm the best hair stylist in the world. I'm going to go make my hair shine and go with the clothing, and if my hair upstages the clothing, that's what I call a quality problem. I'm going to shoot my arrows high and go as cool and big and awesome and perfect as humanly possible. I think that's what he did. His hair looked cool. I think someone mentioned it being all over the place... but they all had a common bond—they were edgy, funky, had that zipper thing, and they were all from a similar kind of Mad Max era. In a fashion show, you don't have to do all mohawks or all ponytails. I've done 150 of them and I've had half of the girls up and half of them down. I've had one third, one third, and one third. A third up, a third down, a third back. As long as there's something that connects them and there was, there was their makeup and clothing. Their hair became their accessory. Somebody said something about accessorizing. Brig's hair became their accessory. They were like hats. It was like she put a scarf on them. You made a scarf with hair and cellophane and you put it on their heads and that's it. She might as well have just made hats because it had nothing to do with their hair. The biggest issue I have was because you didn't have to be a hair stylist to do what Brig did. You could have been a set director, a seamstress, or an artist — somebody just good with their hands. To make the cellophane wraps and stick them on the head and place them into a good shape, you didn't have to be a hair stylist. Everything I looked at during the season, I made sure you had to be a hair stylist to do that. There's that one thing that if you're good with your hands—if you can wrap birthday gifts well—you could have easily done what she did. If you don't have to deal with hair and how to lock hair down and secure it on someone's head and how to manipulate hair from straight to wavy and from wavy to straight, and how to give hair volume by way of teasing and adding hair into it, you couldn't have done what Matthew or what Janine did. I hope that everyone sees it my way. I hope America will tweet me to tell me they agree with me. I will say that I think Brig is an extremely talented, innovative, guns-loaded hair stylist. I do. For this competition, it was not right. As far as Matthew overdoing the hair and upstaging the clothing, I honestly don't think he did. I honestly think that Matthew made the clothing pop. That clothing is great and far out and edgy and cool and Matthew did hair that made it that much better.