Kelly Atterton

Bad hair day? Get Kelly Atterton's expert advice.

on Aug 14, 2008

What's as uncomfortable as telling your mother the sweater she gifted you with isn't something you'd wear in public? Letting your hairstylist know the haircut he just gave you makes you want to burst into tears and run screaming from the salon. Knowing how difficult the client-service relationship in the salon is, we tortured our remaining contestants by surprising them with a visit from their loved ones.

Just to make it more exciting -- OK, stressful -- we paired each stylist with another's relative to get the most objective opinion. Thankfully, there wasn't too much cross-familial drama: Charlie gave Daniel's mom an awesome Sharon Stone-inspired pixie cut, and the layered cut and reddish streaks that Dee gave Paolo's cousin were extremely flattering. But let's be honest -- it could have been a situation with a capital S.