Paulo Candido

Paulo Candido's diary entry all about episode 3.

on Jul 9, 2008

"Shortcut Challenge" "Rapunzel" So today's challenge was all about creating a style on a girl with MASSIVELY LONG hair -- and you couldn't cut a hair off of it. Criteria: Can't be simple braid, ponytail. Had to be intricate and complex. I did one of my classics -- three sections into an elegant chignon. Meredith, just this second, said that it looked like a baboon's ass -- f**king hilarious. I still love her. So judging was done by Campbell -- hairdresser to the stars. Needless to say I didn't place. I totally thought I would though. Thought that Glenn's and mine was the strongest. Obviously I was wrong yet again. WHO THE F**K UNDERSTANDS THESE F**KING RULES?!?!? Makes no sense! Had a conversation after with Campbell. He told me it just lacked interest in the front. Agreed. But Still!!! Winner was Matt on this one which totally floored me and of course Charlie came in second. Change the name of the show to "SHEAR GENIUS CHARLIE" Good F**king Lord. Matt's looked like someone had shoved anal beads up someone's butt, then the butt melted. Enuff said!!!!!