Episode One

Paulo Candido's diary on the first episode.

"Short Cut Challenge" "Blindfold Cut" So I totally thought I would nail this one. Used beyond the fringe technique blindfolded! All you Rusk designers out there -- I hope I made you proud. Haircut was cute. Model loved it. Miss Kim Vo hated it! Mind you, we had no idea we were gonna have a challenge on the first day!! Holy f***! So Mr. Smiley said my H/C looked like crap -- f*** him. He does color! I cut. Besides, I couldn't see, bitch! You f***ing do a H/C blindfolded! Let's see what you can do!!! So I got ranked #9 -- WHATEVER! I WANT A F****ING CIGARETTE DAMMIT! F*** BEING QUIET!!! Amen -- (Nekisa wrote!) OMG! Hurry Up & Wait! Hey! NO TALKING!

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