Episode Three

Glenn MItchell's diary entry all about episode 3.

Saturday 3/23 So over the past few days, Matt and I have not been getting along. He was picking at me and I wasn't being submissive to him so it really pissed him off. OH WELL! Then yesterday we had our "Short Cut" challenge. It was to put up really long hair and incorporate an accessory. I was proud of my work, but it went unnoticed. Matt however created the tackiest thing I've ever seen! AND He won! OMG!!! I felt like it was a set up to pit us against each other, which is fine with me. I am a strong woman and his chauvinistic attitude could not bring me down! TODAY was the ellimination challenge. It was RED CARPET. The set was amazing and once again I was proud of my work! For the second week in a row I came in second behind Charlie! I am so proud of myself. I thank God for all he has given me and for all he has in store for me! Now it's the small town girl vs. the big name stylist. Go Glenn! Go Glenn! Happy Easter! I love you Lily I love you Nick, I miss you both Very much! <3

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