Episode Two

Paulo Candido's diary all about episode 2.

Elimination challenge #2 Day I almost go kicked off. Today's challenge = Housewives of Orange County! Had Vikki of all people. High demanding, limited, BAD HAIR, etc, etc, etc!! Tabatha, the Almighty, was guest judge. She picked my haircut, along with Nekisa's h/c yesterday in shortcut challenge as bottom two -- hers being the worst. She ripped me a new a**hole yesterday and today she gave me a vagina. Parker, Gail, and myself in the bottom three - Gail=safe. Down to me and Parker. Jaclyn notices Daniel crying -- really upset. Several others are also really upset. We stand there for f**king ever! Guess they really like to torture us! Finally Jackie calls my name. My f**king heart drops -- am I going home??? Another Goddamn long pause! Finally she says I am safe -- OH MY GOD -- Big curve ball! I am safe this time, but I really need to step it up. Hopefully I'll get a better model and a challenge that I can possibly shine -- winning one would be great of course! Couldn't believe the smirk on Tabatha's face.

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