I'm So Excited, and I Just Can't Hide It!

Mentor Orlando Pita enjoys watching the drama unfold as much as the viewers.

First of all, I'm am sooooooo excited that it has finally arrived. SG3!!! After watching the first episode I remember how excited and nervous I felt walking out for the first time. I think it showed a bit but soon afterwards I started to feel more at ease and enjoyed being mentor for the season immensely. It was an amazing experience for me, one I will always remember. I LOVE doing HAIR and have enjoyed having the opportunity to work on great projects with very inspiring artists'. To be in a position to inspire and mentor these contestants through their journey to become Shear Genius is very gratifying. What I loved watching tonight was hearing how the contestants introduce and talk about themselves. There are some very mighty big words thrown around to live up to. This season the challenges are harder and more diverse than cut, color, and style. It will be interesting to see how they match up to their words as the season continues. They all have so much energy, talent, and desire to win; we shall see how all that is channeled through their work. As in any competition they have no clue of what going to be asked of them.

I was not around for all of the filming; I was mostly there on the elimination challenge days, so I anticipate watching the process of who wins, who goes home, and how the drama unfolds in each episode. At first the suspense of not knowing how it all went down was killing me. Now that it all started I love that there are a lot of surprises and funny moments for me to discover while watching. Certain things come back to me as well that I forgot as the months since filming went by. We are about to see some really great work and not so great. I would love to know what all of you think of what you see. There are ups and downs and winners and losers and all the unexpected in between. This is another great part of this experience — knowing what you think and your reaction to all the entertaining craziness that goes on. Till next time.

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